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13 МарLive трейдинг от Джима Далтона

Сегодня объявление прислали из ТСТ. Вот его содержание:

Exclusive: Market Prep from Jim Dalton for TopstepTrader

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13 at 9:15 AM CST for a special [8]Jim
Dalton «Market Preparation» session — tailored for Crude Oil traders ahead of
the EIA Inventory report at 9:30 AM. The session will include:
* Preparing for three different trading strategies
* Market action commentary
* A look into Jim Dalton’s live trades

During Jim’s presentation he will also give a [9]sneak peek of his upcoming
seminar. Don’t miss out! Register for the 3-day live seminar (cost: $1,200, if
you register before March 31^st ) and receive a FREE Combine of your choice Читать полностью…